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This Teen Is Claiming Green Tea Cleared Her Cystic Acne in Viral Tweet

If you keep up with Twitter’s avid beauty community, you might have noticed the latest trend of users sharing tweets about their skincare regimens. A recent tweet from a user named Hilda Paz Robles stood out from the crowd, though. “Came a

This Viral Toy Feels Like You’re Popping an Actual Pimple—and It’s Oddly Satisfying

It feels (and looks) like the real thing. By now, most of us know not to squeeze zits. Doing so could cause an infection or damage your skin. But there’s a reason why we still do it, and why so many

Photographer Creates Brave Portrait Series to Normalize Acne After Years of Photoshopping Himself

Photography student Peter DeVito started using Photoshop and other retouching programs six years ago to blur out his acne. Embarrassed by his skin, he wouldn’t post any natural photos to social media and would even ask friends to delete any

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